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  • Greenhouses designs and builds modern production greenhouses all over the world.
    At the design stage all requirements of the client serve as a starting-point of the ultimate design.
  • A well-known type of greenhouse is the 'Venlo greenhouse' :

    · Bay-widths of 3,50 m, 4,00 m, 4,30 m and 4,80
    · Post-heights up to 12,00 m
    · High-tech , modern aluminium roof systems, designed to save energy
    · High quality aluminium gutters with integrated condensation channels
    · Roof and gable glazing with various options in transparency and energy values
    · Gable and wall glazing systems from single glass to 26 mm insulation
    · Modern ventilation systems up to 45 % of the ground area
    · Cladding systems with insulating sandwich panels and polycarbonate glazing
  • Full-site Drawing includes the detailed layout of the site with the locations of:

    · Greenhouses
    · the irrigation centers
    · the subsidiary centers
    · the entrance and paths
    · the truck loading sites

    The engineering plan will also include recommendations in details for greenhouse infrastructure and installations such as planning and execution, protection against wind or drainage. All drawings are required to include upon the satisfaction by Clients The updated Bill of Materials(BOM) with specified quantities of all systems and equipment. each item should be covered all technical specifications.